Organize Your Shopping Information to Save Time and Energy

Save time and energy by carrying shopping-related information with you. List part numbers, sizes, etc. in a small notebook, your planner, PDA, or cell phone. That way, you’ll have the information at hand when you’re in a store or ready to shop online. For example, my planner contains spark plug model numbers for my yard equipment, printer models and toner cartridge numbers, and sizes of my computer desk (monitor space, depth of top surface, etc.) so that I can be sure new equipment will fit.

For supplies that are hard to find and/or expensive, you may also want to jot down favorite suppliers.

One caveat — When you replace equipment, be sure to update your shopping information! Recently, I nearly bought the wrong toner cartridge because I hadn’t updated my notes. Fortunately, the store was out of stock, so I was able to double-check before ordering.

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